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May 27 - 30th Annual Medicine Bow Cup!

The XXX Medicine Bow Cup trial is a go. WMTA rounds 5 and 6 are scheduled June 18 & 19 at The Pexton ranch near Esterbrook, WY. Pits / camping are nestled in among the beautiful scenery this area offers.

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2010 MBC Story

April 16 - Midwest Trial - Less than 2 Weeks out!

The Midwest Wild Bunch is hosting WMTA rounds 3 and 4. Scheduled for May 28 & 29 with pits/camping right where it was for the National rounds in 2015.

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April 27 - Trial POSTPONED

NEW DATES: May 14 & 15
Sorry but Mother Nature has dealt us a bad hand. Because of concerns over mud at Eastgate Ranch, the ranch manager prefers we postpone the trial.
So, WMTA rounds 1 & 2 at Hat Six Rocks are now scheduled for May 14 & 15 with the annual meeting Saturday evening at Mosteller Repair.

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April 22 - Pre Entry Form - testing ...

We're trying out an online pre entry form. May save you time at signup, may cause even more confusion, we'll see! You still have to bring money ;^)

Find it above under "More ..." or here -> Pre Enter Here

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